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Atlas of amphibians and reptiles in Finland

Finnish Museum of Natural History (LUOMUS) coordinates a research project "Atlas of amphibians and reptiles in Finland". The main aim of the project is to collect comprehensive knowledge on the geographical distribution of amphibians and reptiles in Finland in the decade of 2010s. Since the data will be comparable with the earlier atlas work performed in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s the data gathered know will provide an invaluable opportunity to study long-term changes in the distributions of individual species and herptile species diversity as a whole.

Reporting your observations

You can report your observations using the report -link on species description pages or directly using the link bellow. You can access species descriptions by clicking a species on this page's list. Species descriptions contain useful information for identifying species.



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Background info

During the recent decades, considerable changes in the distribution and abundance of amphibian and reptile species have been observed worldwide. Amphibian and reptile species are good indicators of environmental health as, in general, they are sensitive to the changes in environmental conditions such as pollution, climate change and anthropogenically invaded alien species. The latest European Atlas of herpetofauna was published in the 1990's and Luomus was involved in the project as well. An intensified collection of the data will start in Finland in 2015 in order to update the current status of the species. The project is coordinated by Dr. Markus Piha, Finnish Museum of Natural History (LUOMUS).

Photos: Ant: Wikimedia User Sandstein CC-BY, Owls: Wikimedia Bent Christensen CC-BY-3.0, Deer: Lynette Schimming Flickr: EOL Images CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0

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