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Here you can find information about important topics and services.

Monitoring schemes
National butterfly survey of Finland National butterfly survey of Finland (NAFI). Explore results and report observations.
Winter Bird Census Winter bird census studies prevalence and abundance of birds in different habitats in different parts of our country and on a long time scale. Examine the results and report census results.
Line-transect count of land birds Line-transect count survey is a method to get a representative image of birds nesting in the area. Explore out the results, reserve a line, and report results.
Waterbird Census Waterbird Census
Amphibians and reptiles Finnish Museum of Natural History (LUOMUS) coordinates a research project ´Atlas of amphibians and reptiles in Finland´. Examine the species and the results. You can also report your own observations.
Satellite tracking Satellite transmitters and other positioning devices provide detailed information on migratory birds, wintering areas, catchment areas and the extent of the territories. Follow the birds on the map!
Invasive species Service for terminating invasive species
LOLIFE Flying-Squirrel-Life
SYKE butterfly census SYKE butterfly census
Point count Point counts of breeding terrestrial birds
Glow worm form Glow worm citizen science project
Quality control Browse comments regarding observations.
Identify species Help to identify observations! Browse observation images send to FinBIF, where the species has not been identified.
Species identification
Pinkka Pinkka - E-Learning Environment
Insects of Finland – Guide to Orders Identify insects to an order level
Checklist of Finnish species The annual versions of the national checklist of Finnish species.
Geographic Information
Map service This service can be used to find out coordinates in different Finnish and global coordinate systems, calculate distances and areas, and look at different maps (topographic laser map, forest vegetation zones, etc.). You can also save the patterns you draw and bring your own patterns to the service in a variety of file formats.
Finnish Uniform Grid Learn about the Uniform Coordinate System (YKJ) and its use in the life sciences.
Biogeographical province Information about the Finnish biogeographical provinces.
Research Tools Tools and examples of FinBIF data research use.
Luomus Genomic Resources Collection Luomus GRC stores and loans genomic samples for academic research purposes