Submit your observations to FinBIF

By submitting your observations to FinBIF you can contribute to important biodiversity research. Your observations will be published on if you choose to make them available. You can submit single observations, maintain your own observation notebook, or take part in citizen science projects.

Select a tool that works for you

iNaturalist Suomi
  • Take a photo with a mobile app
  • get identification help immediately
  • Keep track of your observations
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  • Keep track of your observations
  • Toolbox for active observer
  • Save thousands of observations efficiently

Open observation form

  • Submit a single observation
  • No login needed
  • The observation is not recorded on your own account

Citizen science

By participating in citizen science projects, you help to gather information and learn new things about nature in Finland. Here you can take part into projects organized by different research groups and institutions. All observations are saved to into your own Notebook account. Explore the projects and select one to participate!

Bird monitoring

Complete checklists

Complete checklists are used to assess the complete observed fauna. Data is collected from both the species an observer saw, as well as those that they did not record. Observations are saved to My Notebook. Complete checklists can also be filled through Mobiilivihko for easy field recording.

Research projects and tools for public authorities

Participating to research projects needs more experience than the citizen science projects. Some of the projects are only accessible for a smaller group of users.

Data bank

Data bank is a service of FinBIF, where you can store observation datasets of organizations. The Data bank can be used by various organizations, such as municipalities, research groups, associations and expert working groups. Get to know the Data bank.