Luomus GRC stores and loans genomic samples for academic research purposes. Genomic samples include genome preparations (DNA-extracts) produced in the course of research projects at Luomus, animal, plant and fungal tissue samples (or whole organisms), and in the future also high-quality whole-genome DNA preparations. The GRC only acquires samples that have been collected and imported following the laws and decrees of Finland and the countries of origin, and the international agreements ratified by Finland (e.g. the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization (ABS) to the Convention on Biological Diversity; CITES). The metadata and detailed information of the GRC samples are open data for scientific research purposes in line with Luomus data policy.

GRC Sample Loans

Samples can be browsed and filtered by e.g. species, country, or sample quality. The List View shows basic data for the records. To add additional data columns to the List View, click the gearwheel icon. To view all related specimen and sample data click to open an individual record from the list. List View information can be downloaded as a TSV document.

GRC Loan Requests: procedure and status
  1. Query the dataportal for availability of GRC samples.
  2. Write a formal request for a GRC loan transaction (access to samples) using the GRC Sample Request Form and send it to the GRC curator for evaluation.
  3. The GRC sample loans are granted based on scientific evaluation of the project and the researcher.
  4. Luomus retains the ownership of the loaned sample. Transfer of remains of loaned samples to a third party is not allowed, any remaining part of the loan must be destroyed by the loanee or returned to Luomus.

The following fields of information are included in the GRC Sample Request Form and are required for the written request:

  • Name, affiliation and position of loanee
  • Objectives of the proposed research
  • Experimental protocol to be employed
  • List species and sample codes for genetic samples requested from Luomus
  • Quality and quantity requirements of genetic material requested (per sample)
  • Time frame for project and planned dissemination of the results
  • Include contact details and signature (responsible researcher / supervisor of PhD project) on the Sample Request Form and send to GRC curator for evaluation
  • Applicant will be informed on loan request approval/decline by email
  • On approval a GRC Material Transfer transaction Form is returned to the loanee when loan is dispatched. A loan is typically facilitated within two weeks.

Contact details:

  • Dr. Gunilla Ståhls-Mäkelä, GRC Curator for DNA Samples, email:
  • Dr. Alexandre Aleixo, Curator for Vertebrate Tissue Samples, email