Summer greetings from Natural Resources Institute
20.06.2023 06:04 - Heidi Blom (updated: 04.10.2023 06:50)

Lupin flowers can be violet, pink or white. They can be found especially at roadsides and courtyards. In the Nordic countries there is two similar lupin species, garden and Nootka lupin, which are invasive alien species. Picking the flowers is an effective way to prevent the lupins from spreading. 

Dye with lupine! 

Flowers and leaves of garden and Nootka lupin is suitable for natural dyeing. Picking them is easy, and they are common in most areas. You get different shades of turquoise and green from the flowers and different shades of yellow from the leaves. 

Watch our summer greeting made by Barents IAS project and our invasive alien workers in the Natural Resources Institute! 

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Instructions for dyeing: The easy blues

More information about Invasive Alien Species you’ll find at the Barents IAS project website or Invasive Alien Species in Finland website.