Code repositories

All code is open source under the MIT License (MIT)

API.LAJI.FIHTTP-API,Web-UILoopback node.js frameworkSwagger / OpenAPI specificationSwagger is the "frontend" of other APIs that provide most of it's services behind the scenes. The API also impelements some functionality by itself.
R InterfaceHTTP-APIRR programming language interface to the FinBIF
Laji.fiWeb-UIAngular frameworkFrontend for and its sister sites.
Laji-Form.jsComponentReact JS frameworkLaji-form is responsible for creating forms of Vihko Notebook.
Laji-MapCompontentJavascriptLaji-Map is build on top of Leaflet map library and provides map services used by, Vihko Notebook, etc.
LajiStoreHTTP-APIPHPProvides JSON storage for example for Vihko Notebook (used via
Laji-DWHTTP-API, Web-UIJava, Freemarker, jQueryData Warehouse system provides ETL processes for observation, taxonomy, quality annotation data. It provides API for observation data primary sources to push data to the warehouse and "Pull readers" that read observation data from primary sources. It also implements several customized methods to fetch observation data from primary sources. Laji-DW provides query API that is used through /warehouse endpoint. Finally it provides a management console for admins and citation viewer for observation data file downloads.
Laji-AuthHTTP-APIWeb-UIJava provides authentication methods for FinBIF services.
Laji-BackendHTTP-APIJavaInternal API that provides some functionalities of, for example /news, /information, taxon search and api related features.
Triplestore-APIHTTP-APIJavaRest HTTP API for managing an querying contents of Triplestore Ontology database, that contains information for example about taxonomy, persons, image metadata, etc.
Triplestore EditorWeb-UIJava, Freemarker, jQueryWeb UI for managing contents of Triplestore Ontology database for IT-admins.
Taxon EditorWeb-UIJava, Freemarker, jQueryWeb UI for managing taxonomy content of Triplestore Ontology database. / id redirect servceHTTP-APIJavaProvides machine readable and human readable redirect service for HTTP URI Identifiers used by FinBIF for all things such as taxa, observations, persons, areas, collections.
KotkaWeb-UIPHPKotka collection management system
PyhaWEB-UIPython DjangoData request service that is used to request and provide access to closed/not-coarsed observation data.
Multimedia-APIHTTP-APIJava, ImagemagickProvides HTTP API to post images (in future audio, videos?) and their metadata and to query images. Converts thumbnails etc. Used by
FinBIF RR-packageRProvides access to FinBIF API using R-programming language.

Various other minor repositories

  • Laji-Auth Java Client provides an easy way to use Laji-Auth API using Java programming language.
  • Laji-Auth PHP Client provides an easy way to use Laji-AUTH API using PHP programming language.
  • Commons (Java) is an utility library used in some FinBIF applications.
  • Utils (Java) is an utility library used in some FinBIF applications.
  • Commons (PHP) is an utility library used in some FinBIF applications.