Geospatial services

Occurrence data

Our goal is to provide occurrence data in GIS formats. Our GIS services have not been publicized yet. In the near future it will be possible to do manual data downloads in common GIS formats from FinBIF portal . In the coming years our goal is to provide WFS, WMS services.

There will be two separate WFS services: One for Open Data that may be secured and other that contains the private, secured data. The later will be available for public administration officials etc.

This section of the documentation will provide information about GIS services once they have been publicized.

FinBIF API offers occurrence data in GeoJSON format (see /warehouse/aggregate endpoint in API documentation).


Laji-Map is a javascript library build on top of Leaflet map library and provides map services used by, Vihko Notebook, etc. It is entirely separated from rest of FinBIF services and can be used as it is to implement map services to web applications. Code repository and documentation can be found here:

Map service

FinBIF map service is a webpage that utilizes Laji-Map library to provide a way for the users to

  • draw, import and export geometries
  • convert coordinates
  • browse different map layers
  • measure lengths and areas

Location information by coordinates /coordinates endpoint provides a service that provides information about a location (geometry; polygon, point, line..).

The service only works for areas inside Finland (Laji-Map has build-in features to use Google Geolocate API).

The service provides the following data:

Municipality and region are based on data of National Land Survey of Finland (MML). We keep the data up to date in case of changes in municipality borders etc.

Borders of biogeographical provinces are maintained by FinBIF.