This section contains formal documents published by FinBIF.

Data policy sets the principles for compiling, maintaining and using all digital datasets managed by the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility. Data policy was updated during fall 2019.

Presentations contains presentations about FinBIF in English.

Enterprise Architecture (Public Administration Architecture, operating model for leadership) exists in Finnish only.

CoreTrustSeal is an international certification for trustworthy data repositories. FinBIF's CoreTrustSeal application is in the process of being reviewed (4/2024).

The organization of FinBIF

The Finnish Museum of Natural History, Luomus (FMNH) is responsible for maintaining the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility together with its partners. The Finnish Museum of Natural History is part of the University of Helsinki.

In March 2024 an advisory steering group for FinBIF was formed. The group is led by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office. 

Organizational chart: This simplified chart provides an overall hierarchy above FMNH down to the level of Biodiversity Informatics Unit, which is responsible of management and development of FinBIF