Round goby Neogobius melanostomus


The round goby is a bottom-dwelling fish that does not have a swim bladder and which is active when the light is low, and at night. It lives mostly in shallow water, where reproduction takes place during the summer months. Females lay their oval eggs in clusters in rock crevices. Once the male has fertilised the eggs, he stays to guard them. Round goby tolerates poor water quality, with oil present and in oxygen-poor conditions. For the winter, it finds waters that are slightly deeper.

Source: FinBIF species descriptions
Description text authors:

Lauri Urho and Jussi Pennanen (Luke) 2013.

CC BY 4.0

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FinBIF master checklist
Scientific name
Neogobius melanostomus
(Pallas, 1814)
Vernacular names
  • mustatäplätokko (Finnish)
  • svartmunnad smörbult (Swedish)
  • Round goby (English)
Taxon rank
Occurrence in Finland
Published from Finland
Status in Finland
  • Stable population
  • Anthropogenic
This species is invasive
Regulatory Status
  • Finland’s National Strategy on Invasive Alien Species (GR 2012) ?
Finnish Regional Red List Category
  • 2019 NA – Not Applicable
  • 2010 NA – Not Applicable
  • Risto Väinölä
DNA barcode sequences
Informal groups
  • Fishes