Dovyalis caffra

Growing form

Evergreen small to medium-sized shrub or small tree


3-5 m


Trunk woody, with many branches. Bark smooth, grey on young branches, fissured and flaky/corky on old branches and stems. Young branches heavily armed with long (4-7 cm) spines, but the stem has few spines.


Simple, in tight clusters on small lateral branches. Alternate on young shoots. Obovate. 


Creamy-green color, in dense clusters. Male flowers 3 mm long, clusters of 5-10. Female flowers 4-10 mm long, solitary or in groups of up to 3.

Fruit and seed

Fleshy, spherical fruit, up to 6 cm. Color turns from green to yellow-orange. Contains approximately 12 hairy seeds arranged in 2 circles. 
Source: Pinkka e-learning: IPS-175 Flora and vegetation of East Africa - Crop plants, weeds and invading species CC BY 4.0

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FinBIF master checklist
Scientific name
Dovyalis caffra
(Hook. f. & Harv.) Warb.
Vernacular names
  • keltakeiomena (Finnish)
Taxon rank
  • Jouko Rikkinen
DNA barcode sequences
Dovyalis caffra
4 public records
Informal groups
  • Vascular plants