Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon)Columba livia domestica

The map represents observations of this taxon, but it may not be used as a distribution map. A total of

observations in Finland?

FinBIF master checklist
Scientific name
Columba livia domestica
Vernacular names
  • kesykyyhky (Finnish)
  • tamduva (Swedish)
  • Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon) (English)
Taxon rank
infraspecific taxon
Occurrence in Finland
Observed in Finland
Status in Finland
  • Stable population
Administrative status
Conservation status in Finland
  • 2019 LC – Least Concern
  • 2015 LC – Least Concern
  • 2010 LC – Least Concern
  • 2000 LC – Least Concern
  • Jari Valkama
Number of public DNA barcodes
Informal groups
  • Birds