Leucorrhinia caudalis

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observations in Finland?

FinBIF master checklist
Scientific name
Leucorrhinia caudalis
(Charpentier, 1840)
Vernacular names
  • lummelampikorento (Finnish)
  • bred kärrtrollslända (Swedish)
Taxon rank
Occurrence in Finland
Observed in Finland
Status in Finland
  • Stable population
Regulatory Status
  • Animal species that are protected in the whole country (NCD 1997/160, Appendix 2a 2021/521) ?
  • EU Habitats Directive Annex IV ?
  • Safeguarding Endangered Species in Forestry – Lajiturva Project 2019–2021 ?
Finnish Regional Red List Category
  • 2019 LC – Least Concern
  • 2010 LC – Least Concern
  • 2000 LC – Least Concern
  • Sami Karjalainen
  • Heidi Viljanen
DNA barcode sequences
Leucorrhinia caudalis
3 public records
Informal groups
  • Insects and arachnids
  • Dragonflies
  • Aquatic insects