Service break Mon 18 Dec 9:30-10: Notebook and image service (over)
15.12.2017 13:23 - Esko Piirainen (updated: 19.12.2017 06:37)

We will move FinBIF image service to another server. During the break viewing and adding images is out of order. We will also close services that can be used to add images. The break will affect the following services:
  • (images won't be visible)
  • Notebook (closed during the break)
  • Löydös (closed during the break)
  • Kotka collection management (adding images will not work)
  • Taxon editor (adding species images will not work)
  • Pinkka learning environment (images won't be visible)
Duration of the break is about half an hour but it can be shorter or longer. We will announce when the break is over. Update: The break ended at about 9:55. Update: Notebook was closed again around 12 o'clock because of a human error, which unfortunately was not noticed until ca. 15 o'clock. We opened it immediately after this.